Below is the text of the agreement set forth (the “Rules”) applies to all subscribers Anonymous VPN (hereinafter “the VPN-service”). The main purpose of these rules is to explain and interpret how Anonymous VPN (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”) provides own VPN-service services, in which cases you (the “User”) may use the services provided. In addition, it specifies the actions that are prohibited for VPN-service.
With these rules agree to all users of VPN-service. The adoption of these rules is automatic, and it means that the user accepts all terms and conditions listed.

General provisions

VPN-service enables all clients to access servers, networks, which are located around the world, they are under the control Anonymous VPN programs (the “Software”).
The service provides customers with access to the servers, networks that are under software all over the world, all the data, access settings, and other information associated with it is confidential, not subject to disclosure to third parties.
In case of violation of the rules of use of the service, the service itself has the right to terminate your access to the network, unilaterally and to terminate any customer service, without the possibility to restore access to the network and servers.

The responsibility

We accept no liability for any damage caused to the network, for any damage and harm to the detriment of users on the network. This applies to both your personal use, and the damage to the business, commercial or public activity as a result of the use, inability to use, or for other reasons related to the use of our VPN-service.
We accept no responsibility for any actions of users, when working with websites or programs that can harm and harm to the user or to third parties. We can not control and validate user behavior when using our VPN-service. Therefore, the entire responsibility for any action lies directly on the users of the service.

Restrictions use

Our VPN-service can only be used for lawful purposes. It can not be used in a certain number of cases, including:
• If any actions violate national, international or local law.
• When sending spam, as well as any activity that hurts, so network users.
• To spread malware, viruses, trojans and other prohibited programs.
• For the port scanning, password guessing, creating malicious websites, such as phishing sites.
• Actions that are meant by a fraudulent and executed in order to capture other people’s money fraudulently. Also included are actions that violate the copyrights, patents, inventions and other rights.
• For the illegal representation of any person, entity, organization, company.
• For interference in the work of the service, as well as in violation of the policies and procedures that are set for users of the site.
• For calls to unlawful actions towards other people, network or organization.
When making any such action the entire responsibility fall exclusively on the user. We thank you for your honest and fair use of our service.