1) Go to Configuration persistent storage.
configuring persistent storage
2) Choose a passphrase and click Create.
configuring persistent storage 2
3) Specify the files to be saved to persistent storage, then click Save.
configuring persistent storage 3
4) Restart the OS to apply the changes.
restart Tails OS
5) Enter the key for permanent storage, click Unblock.
Start of persistent storage
6) Click on the “+” sign to add additional settings.
add root tails
7) Click on the Administrator password.
8) Enter the Administrator password, click Add.
root tails 2
9) Run Tails.
start tails
10) Tails only supports files with the OpenVPN IP (domain not supported). It is better to buy Dedicated VPN (Or change the domain to the IP in your configuration files).
11) Go to Buy VPN. Switch to DedicatedVPN and choose a plan.
buy vpn
12) SignUp.
vpn check
13) Choose payment system for payment and submit your payment according to the instructions.
pay vpn
14) After payment and confirmation go to My Account
my vpn account
15) Go to DedicatedVPN
dedicated vpn
16) Click Add DedicatedVPN
add selected vpn
17) Select Tariff, Location servers, a Technology – OpenVPN and click on Order server.
configuring a dedicated vpn
18) Wait for the installation of Dedicated VPN the approximate wait time is 3-10 hours, when installation is complete, you will receive an e-mail.
19) Download keys DedicatedVPN.
keys dedicated vpn
20) Extract the keys from the archive, rename the file DeicatedVPN**.ovpn tov.ovpn and copy them in a folder in the persistent storage.
keys for openvpn tails
21) Download a special script to connect OpenVPN in Tails OS tails.sh and copy it to your persistent storage.
the script to run vpn in tails
22) Open a Terminal
terminal in tails
23) Switch to ROOT by typing “sudo su”
root terminal tails
24) change directory to the persistent storage.
root terminal tails 2
25) Set the execution rights for the script tails.sh with the command “chmod +x tails.sh”
running the script the vpn in tails
26) Run the script tails.sh by running the command “./tails.sh”
running the script the vpn in tails 2
27) Wait for the installation of the required packages.
installing packages in tails
28) To authorize the VPN connection, enter your e-mail and your password
openvpn tails in log in
29) Wait for the message about the successful connection.
openvpn in the tails connected
30) Restart TOR with the command “sudo restart-tor”.
restart TOR in Tails
31) Check the network.
check TOR in Tails
32) Check the toutes by “ip route”.
ip route in tails check