1) Download and install TOR Browser.
download and install TOR
2) Download and install OpenVPN GUI for Windows.
download and install OpenVPN
3) Download and install the archiver ( for example WinRAR ).
download and install archivator
4) TOR only supports TCP traffic, so to use a VPN through TOR need to support TCP connections from your VPN server.
5) Go to SignUp.
6) Choose the tariff plan.
7) Select the payment system and perform the payment according to the instructions.
8) After confirmation of payment, go to My Account.
My Account
9) Activate the subscription.
Activate your subscription
10) Generate keys for a VPN.
key generation
11) Download the archive with the keys VPN for TCP connections.
keys vpn tcp
12) Extract the contents of the archive with the keys in the working folder OpenVPN/config.
extract archive ovpn
13) Start OpenVPN GUI as Administrator.
start openvpn
14) Open one of the OpenVPN configuration files for editing.
edit profile openvpn
Edit one of the configs OpenVPN to work through the TOR network by adding 2 new rows:
socks-proxy 9150
setenv opt block-outside-dns
edit profile openvpn 2
Save changes.
15) Start TOR Browser and minimize it ( not close ).
start tor browser
16) connect VPN via OpenVPN profile edited to work with TOR.
connect openvpn over tor
17) LogIn to connect VPN by entering your e-mail and password of the account.
log openvpn
18) Wait for the message about the successful connection.
openvpn connected
19) Test the VPN
check vpn through tor
20) VPN through TOR is successfully connected.
vpn over tor connected