1) Open a Terminal.
open a terminal in linux
2) Switch to super user ROOT and update apt-get.
refresh apt-get
3) To Install the required packages for the VPN connection through TOR, by running the command “apt-get install openvpn tor openresolv nscd unbound”.
install openvpn tor openresolv nscd unbound
4) Edit the TOR configuration file by adding the line “SOCKSPort 9150 PreferSOCKSNoAuth”.
SOCKSPort 9150 PreferSOCKSNoAuth
5) Restart TOR with the command “/etc/init.d/tor restart”.
Restart TOR
6) TOR only supports TCP traffic, so to use a VPN through TOR need to support TCP connections from your VPN server.
7) Go to SignUp.
8) Choose the tariff plan.
9) Choose payment system and perform the payment according to the instructions.
10) After confirmation of payment, go to My Account.
My Account
11) Activate the subscription.
Activate your subscription
12) Generate keys for a VPN.
key generation
13) Download the archive with the keys VPN for TCP connections.
keys vpn tcp
14) Extract the keys from the archive to a folder ( for example desktop ).
Extract keys
15) Download a special script to connect the VPN through TOR in Linux up.sh.
download script
16) Copy a special script up.sh folder with keys VPN.
script up
17) Edit one of the configuration files *.ovpn to VPN connection through TOR, adding 3 new rows:
socks-proxy localhost 9150
route-up up.sh
edit openvpn configuration tcp
18) In the terminal navigate to the directory with the configurations.ovpn.
directory configurations openvpn
19) Install the execution rights for the script up.sh using command “chmod +x up.sh”.
to set permissions for execution
20) Start the edited *.ovpn file for the VPN connection through TOR, please login by entering your e-mail and password of the account.
starting openvpn
21) If you see the error “…TCP read timeout…”, then the current route to the TOR VPN, you must restart TOR, until the error is not eliminated.
reset tor
22) Wait for the message about the successful connection.
openvpn connected
23) Test the VPN.
vpn over tor
24) VPN through TOR is successfully connected.
vpn over tor connected