How to hide IP address and receive an private address?

Hide IP and get anonymous

In modern times it is unimaginable to imagine life without the Internet. If you think about it, even some a couple of decades ago, such a frenzied popularity and need for the global web did not exist. And this is natural, life goes on and technologies along with it grow, improve and simplify our life activity. Someone could imagine that this innocent occupation as “sitting on the Internet” would require security. But there is a need to know how to protect yourself from dangers. First, we’ll deal with the addresses. They are assigned to us by our providers. It should be remembered – according to your ip, you can get a lot of individual information, such as your location, phone and, accordingly, a person who lives at this address, etc. And to learn IP is really not difficult at all. So what is the conclusion? Knowing your IP address, scammers can easily crack your IP device, and the result of all this can be the sad consequences – hooliganism (“pushed” viruses), stealing your confidential IP data (almost all people have a lot of things stored on PCs, laptops and smartphones – agree) and the like. How can this be avoided? It is necessary to have a so-called anonymous network address or IP addresses. To get such an IP, you need to Buy our professional, reliable VPN a service that replaces your IP with one of ours thereby enabling you to hide the IP. Thus, you will save yourself, your devices from hacking, theft and hooliganism.

Sometimes there are situations where our online security is threatened. Each device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet) when connected to the Internet is assigned IP, by IP it is possible to determine your location, respectively, and the rest of your IP data (phone number, last names of people living at this address, etc.). Of course, not always we use the Internet at home, but increasingly use Wi-Fi in public places. But in general it is even more dangerous. With free Wi-Fi, you can “meet” literally at every step wherever we appear. At train stations, in cafes and restaurants, hotels, in clubs, educational institutions, at work, and many, many more. But as the saying goes, “evil does not slumber,” because you can be connected to this free public Wi-Fi, but in addition to you, some intruder (scam) can also be connected to him, and at that moment intercept your personal data ( passwords, correspondence, photos and other). Therefore, there is such a need that you can possibly change the address assigned to your IP gadget. There are many free services, such as a proxy or a free VPN. And most naive users actively use them, but few of them remember the proverb “free cheese only in a mousetrap”, namely it says about whether you are so securely protected using a free service that tries to hide the address on cheap hosting or VDS completely setting threatened all personal personal information of its customers. Naturally, no, for certain with this usage, even your traffic is not encrypted, and accordingly you will not be able to hide your IP address. How to be, you ask. Yes, just need to use VPN service IP. Using our VPN service rom Anonymous VPN you are guaranteed to protect yourself from ill-wishers by changing the ip, you can easily hide your IP address (since we will replace it with the one you choose), and all your personal data will be securely protected.

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